Daily breast worship

Every day worship possibilities

In the morning before getting up from bed:
Turn to your sexy girlfriend or wife, and reach for her warm breasts, bury your head between them for a while and then suck on her nipples for a moment. End it there with that or fuck her silly, just enjoy!

During your work day:
If you are lucky enough you will have some sexy female co-workers to look at. Why not dream about taking them hard on the copymachine, sucking on their big tits while fucking them in the ass.

After a hard day at work:
What is better than to come home to a perfect pair of boobs and bury your head deep between the softness of the breasts. And after that you can start to suck on the hard nipples and then you enjoy a good tittyfuck, fucking those big soft juggs!

To end a perfect day:
You get a good sweet blowjob while fondling and squeezing those beautiful tits, when your dick is ready for some pussy you ask your girlfriend / wife / mistress / fuckbuddy / sexslave to jump up on you and ride your big dick while you suck on her tits.

And its always good to dream about breasts during the night, dream away!

Have a nice boob day!



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